In a nutshell:

I am a psychology student who will graduate soon. I also studied art management. I defended my thesis this year so I am looking for professional growth. New experience is crucial for me to further develop in my dream direction – AI in art and culture, but so far I will be happy with any project manager job.

My ambition for the next few years is a junior project manager position in an IT company, related to the creative industry. My major interest is AI, but I need some more time to get into it. After completing my psychology studies, I plan to apply for a postgraduate course in cognitive science.

I have never planned to be a psychotherapist. I chose this course because of passion and scientific interest. I consider psychology as useful in every organisation and field related to humans. My major focus areas are cognitive psychology and its connections to AI. I am also keen on mindfulness.

I wanted to work in the creative industry. Half of this course was in English and with multicultural lecturers so I am fluent in speaking and writing. My bachelor's thesis was about digital marketing in cultural institutions. I am also interested in cultural economy, e. g.: the issue of privatisation and the influence of Industry 4.0. or various sources of income.

First of all, I chose an organisational and management path in my psychology studies. So the knowledge I acquire in both courses is related. I can use my psychological skills in practice, e. g. in UX or in work with people. Creative industry has recently gone through a digital boom. I assume there will be a need for good digital project managers. Moreover, AI is where digital relates to psychology. That’s why I dream about developing AI in the creative industry.

I hope that it is proof of my engagement, ingenuity and skills. All here is created by myself independently (maybe except the pictures). I also had my recruiter's comfort in mind. Thank you for reading this.

* my own translation

thank you for your time

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