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what I know about managing art, culture and entertainment

For the last three years, I have learned how the creative industry works. During this time, I observed how organizations function, talked to artists and read a lot of theory. After the pandemic had come, I looked very carefully into their struggle. After all, I drew the following conclusions:

  • art and cultural organisations need advanced technology so they can present an attractive and up-to-date offer, e.g. how they did it here

  • modern digital marketing and analytics can help those organisations in achieving their goals – those related to both the mission and corporate aims

  • partnership, sponsoring and co-creation with various external providers is the way to improve independence and autonomy of this organisations

I approach the riches of culture and art resources in an open-minded and entrepreneurial way. I understand their specific character and their role. I am well aware of the reluctance to commercialise art through implementation of modern solutions, but I see this attitude as superfluous. Technology, and marketing, driven mindfully, are not a threat for art’s quality – au contraire!

What I can give you now in this field is:

  • ideas for using technology in creative industry (and I’d love to help with implementation, see project management)

  • knowledge about digital marketing (facilitating a fresh view on the issue of reaching the audience) which enables the fresh view on the issue of reaching out the audience

  • the sensitivity to this sector’s needs in combination with entrepreneurial and innovative perspective

What I have managed to do until this day:

  • this year, I wrote and defended my thesis about digital marketing in art & culture institutions in which I developed such complicated issues as dynamic pricing or S-D model

  • I conducted a study about those institutions in Poland and their use of digital marketing and analytics tools

  • I participated in Digital Income Summit, organized by Museum Next, which I learned a great deal from about trends and which convinced me that my attitude is proper

thank you for your time

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