I am looking for a space to grow. I have a three-year experience in managing a huge, nationwide project which is my brainchild. Now I would like to prove myself in a bigger organisation and develop under the wings of the best professionals. I search for a job or an internship mentored by a digital project manager in a creative industry.

I am looking for a space to grow. I have a three year experience in managing a huge, nationwide project which is my brainchild. Now I would like to prove myself in a bigger organisation and develop under the wings of the best professionals. I search for a job or an internship mentored by a digital project manager in a creative industry.

Project Management

What I really love in project management is that ideas become real, tangible, and I can observe and influence this process. I know Scrum and I planned a few first sprints so far. I have just organised my own huge online event. But I have never had a really big team. It would be great to see for myself, how such a team produces something together. I have always been a leader, whether it was a school play or USA finals of The Odyssey of the Mind competition. I am really excited about teamwork, discussing new ideas, and problem solving.

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Art Business

I have always wanted to work in the creative industry. I am a huge art fan. Since I remember, my Mum used to take me to museums and galleries. For me, culture is a leisure activity and I really would like to promote it this way. Having observed how the creative industry functions, I drew some conclusions, which you can see by clicking 'read more'. I am interested in implementing technology-based solutions and a business approach in this industry. This year, I participated in the Digital Income Summit organised by Museum Next.

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critical thinking

market research

risk management


project documentation


knowledge of effective communication principles

high EQ (emotional intelligence)

contact with client


multicultural competence




Jira, Asana, Trello, monday.com

Microsoft Office

Spss IBM Statistics

Google Analytics

Figma, LucidApp


design tools: Photoshop, Gimp, Canva

collaboration tools: Slack, Discord, Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, Skype – honestly I tested multiple of them, I won’t have any problem with a new one

storage tools: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud


» Managerial and Multicultural Psychology 

2017-2022, future master’s degree
University of Gdańsk

in progress

» Art Business Admin

2018-2021, bachelor’s degree
University of Gdańsk


» I Academic High School in Gdynia




now: Sex Education Fair - Sex Day

I am a founder of a three-year-old educational initiative, which has now transformed into a small business. Every year, during the International Day of Sex, we organise lectures with various sex education specialists. The past two editions were conducted online (this year we embedded LiveWebinar on our website) and attracted nearly 1000 participants in 2020 and 700 this year (proving webinars fatigue to be real). We managed to work without any funding so far, but we plan to find a sponsor this Autumn, since we are in the process of planning online courses. I manage a team of seven. I use Agile methodology. I organise project meetings, manage Backlog and divide tasks into Sprints, I stay in contact with the team and solve problems, I represent the project in contacts with Stakeholders (our lecturers, supervisors, participants and audience).
Here you can see what we do: dzienseksu.pl. For me, this project is a way to gain some experience and to do something socially needed, but I don’t see it as a part of my future. It doesn’t limit my time or resources. We have a motto with my team: “Work/studies first, then Sex Day”.

now: Sex Education Fair - Sex Day

2021: Relief for Medics

This is another child of my beliefs in CSR. And the proof of my determination. I had tried to do this project in PSSIAP but it failed due to the lack of engagement and the red tape. So I found other people, pitched them the idea and created a team. Then, I planned and implemented a project of creating a platform where medics could find psychological help. We started fundraising in March. We chose crowdfunding. It went well. We had collected some money and then ... wow, the project got noticed and sponsored by a nurse training company. I chaired the pitching meeting. The platform is up and running now. Here is the link: ulgamedykom.pl. I am the lead of the team (3 people). We run the project in Kanban. As a Product Owner I:
- led one-to-one and group meetings with team members,
- created the roadmap and divided roles between teammates,
- prepared a crowdfunding strategy and created a fundraiser on zrzutka.pl,
- am responsible for the sponsorship,
- prepared development of the platform and manage it’s content,
- have just planned the strategy for an email marketing campaign for medical institutions and we are in the process of implementing it.

2021: Relief for Medics

2015-2018: Polska Press GROUP

It was my first touch of the great business. I managed a team of four, responsible for acquisition of participants for the most important, the most profitable and the biggest marketing project of this company – sms polling competition. What me and my team did was calling nominated people and informing them that they had been chosen for the competition by our readers. There were a lot of nominees each time – about 16 in every county of every district, which gives us around 6 080 calls to do.  My job was to train the team, divide the work and control the quality of those calls. Also, I was responsible for the effect: making sure the team had called all nominated numbers, if the nominees had agreed and if relevant data had been collected. This is how we were creating  a huge database, full of emails, phone numbers and names, which I passed on higher as the effect of our work. This is when I first felt the responsibility and managed teamwork.

2015-2018:  Polska Press GROUP

2019-2021: Polish Association of Psychology Students and Graduates

In The Polish Association of Psychology Students and Graduates I learned to work in a big organization and implement projects. This is where The Sex Day was born. I also tried to organise the Relief for Medics there, but it ended up without any success since I didn't have enough hands to work. I organized a recruitment party and arranged an outsourced online marketing training for the team. I introduced Facebook Ads. Thanks to the position on the local board of the Association, I got to know different tools for managing work and the nature of collaboration between branches throughout the country. I also took part in board meetings discussing the strategy, resolving dilemmas, and making decisions crucial for our branch.

2019-2021: Polish Association of Psychology Students and Graduates

2020: Goyki 3 Art Inkubator; Sopot by the Book

As an intern, I saw all preparation stages for the biggest Polish literature festival. I independently identified and solved some issues (e.g. bad quality of the merch photos in e-commerce - I organized a photoshoot to replace them). I was in charge of one section of the event. I took care of the venue, the speakers, guests and documentation. I also worked with Evenea (Polish registration platform for in-person and virtual events). After the festival had finished, I was responsible for planning the content for the new website on the basis of UX wireframes.

2020: Goyki 3 Art Inkubator; Sopot by the Book

2018-2020: The Center for Addiction Prevention and Therapy

It was an odd job as a substitute. I occasionally worked in the Centre's reception admitting patients. I had an opportunity to learn through interacting with a variety of clients. The job was challenging, but, of the student job options I had at the time, it was most meaningful. l worked there for quite a long. I still cooperate with some people I met there. I found Clear Sounds thanks to that job.

2018-2020: The Center for Addiction Prevention and Therapy

2019-2020: Clear Sounds Foundation

There are three things which led me to Clear Sounds: the liking for night club parties (especially techno ones), social engagement and interest in unconventional and modern solutions. I did partyworking there, which is a kind of prevention of substance abuse, based on harm reduction. I love such new initiatives. The president of the foundation liked to ask me about my ideas. I have made some changes (e.g. streetworkers started to give out sanitary pads to homeless women).

2019-2020: Clear Sounds Foundation

2020: The Sea Gull club - community center

I was a supervisor of a group of socially vulnerable youngsters. It might not have been very important from a business perspective - however, I believe it proves the high level of my EQ (emotional intelligence). I am good with relationships and communication. I was referred for that job by Clear Sounds Foundation. Having worked there for six months, I left in search of more professional development.

2017: National Museum in Gdańsk

Voluntary job - I guided visitors during the Night of Museums. To be a museum guide, I had participated in a half-year course to familiarise myself with the exhibits. It was my first experience with working in culture. Later, I did some similar voluntary activities.

2014: Odyssey of the Mind

Since I go back so far, I should say that the 4th place in a worldwide competition probably is a good proof of creativity.

born in 7th September 1998 in Gdańsk

probably it fits more to my mother's experience but I need to place this date somewhere 😉

* my own translation

thank you for your time 

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