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what I know about managing projects and products

What I really love in project management is that ideas become real, tangible, and I can observe and influence this process. Since I am a creative person, everyday there are dozens of new ideas in my head. I realise that it’s not the quantity that matters. What’s more, I know how to implement them. 

This is why I care so much about development in this field. It gives me a nice feeling that I can make my ideas real and feasible.

I realised that I needed the knowledge about the project life cycle to create the idea from scratch so I can carry it out effectively and as planned. That’s why I decided to work hard to become a professional project manager.

I am truly inspired by agile methods. I found it very natural for humans since it is iterative, like nature, our lives, and ourselves. It is very healthy and good for productivity to work in cycles. Everything sometimes needs a way back to the beginning in a sense.

What do I care about most in project management?

  • I can take clear and succinct meeting notes – I always keep everything in writing

  • I have a natural sensitivity to the Teal aspect of managing work, i. e. freedom and decisiveness of the team (important in Scrum)

  • I love to find and create new tools and solutions making work easier for others

  • I am good at communication – I can clearly explain various issues to people and understand their perspective

  • I can get and give feedback

  • I have a team spirit and a can-do attitude

During this year I have managed to:

  • study almost all free materials on, where I learned a lot about Scrum and Kanban

  • build a big project, the team and organise an online event (

  • experience first sprints and meetings where my role was to lead people to the point

Why did I not decide to buy online courses? There are multiple courses of this kind on the Net related to project management. But I don’t think that it is necessary to buy the cheap ones (e.g. Udemy) when there is so much free knowledge in other places on the web and in libraries. When it comes to the more expensive ones (e.g., well, I would like to. But I think I need some experience first. Although I paid for participation in an online event – Digital Income Summit by the Museum Next and I learned a lot there.

thank you for your time

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